4 Ways To Dress Up Your Rooftop Chimney

When you’re improving the appearance of your home, one area you probably never thought of is your rooftop chimney. Chimneys are in plain sight and can be exquisite structures if you know how to dress them up. For a unique way to make your home stand out, here are four ideas to show off your chimney.

1. Add a Copper Chimney Cap

Copper’s beautiful color makes it easily one of the most recognized metals in existence. If you’re crazy about copper, adding a handcrafted copper cap such as the Rockport Haubstadt IN will set your home apart. Copper caps protect and improve the function of your chimney, plus they’re simply gorgeous!

2. Update Your Screen Cover

If you already love the look of your brick chimney but want additional protection, update your screen cover. Chimney screens come in many different styles and protect against large embers exiting the chimney and causing a fire. They also prevent animals and birds from getting inside. Screen covers are made from aluminum, steel and copper.

3. Put Up a Weathervane

One of the most beloved adornments you can put atop your chimney is a weathervane. Weathervanes come in all sorts of whimsical designs from dogs to ducks and of course, the classic rooster! Remember when looking at a weathervane, it always points into the wind!

4. Install New Flashing

Your chimney must have metal flashing around its base to protect it and your roof from water damage. However, this flashing doesn’t have to be boring! Base flashing in copper is stunning and looks attractive when you match it with a copper chimney cap.

When you’re searching for interesting ways to improve your home, look at your chimney. By adding a copper cap or installing a fun weathervane, you’ll get your home the attention it deserves.