The Top Reasons to Use Mulch in Your Landscape Design

Having a freshly mulched lawn not only looks great, but it offers several benefits, too. Are you interested in learning more about what mulch offers and why it is a smart investment for your landscape? If so, keep reading.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the top reasons so many gardeners use mulching services Cincinnati Ohio is because of its aesthetic appeal. Mulch can help set your lawn apart and protect the garden and plants in the beds.

Retains Moisture

Mulch serves as an insulating barrier against heat, wind, and evaporation. The mulch application will ensure moisture remains in the soil and reduces how often and how much you have to water. This will help your established plants become more drought tolerant and help ensure the success of newly planted trees and shrubs.  

Regulates Soil Temperature

Some of a plant’s feeder roots, which handle all the nutrient absorption for the plant, will grow just the first few inches beneath the soil’s surface. The roots will stay healthier if they are not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Adding a layer of mulch can serve as a buffer against any changing temperatures.

Additionally, the sun’s heat may start to bake the exposed soil. This can form a crust that prevents water from getting under the surface. Snow will provide protection when the temperatures drop, but if you don’t have mulch in place, sustained freezing temperatures or overnight frost can damage or kill the feeder roots.

Adding Mulch to Your Landscape

Mulch provides several benefits to your lawn and garden. Be sure to keep the information here in mind, which will help you see why this is such a smart investment. Just make sure you change and add to the mulch as needed to ensure it can continue providing the quality protection needed.