4 Ways To Refresh an Older Home Without Compromising Authenticity

Thanks to their charm and affordability, many younger families are choosing to purchase older homes that need a few updates. Here are four upgrades that can help refresh older homes without compromising their authenticity.

1. Upgrade the Exterior Finish

The maintenance-free vinyl exteriors of many modern homes can make it easy to forget how much work is needed to maintain some other types of finishes. Wood siding may need to be scraped and repainted every few years, while stucco can suffer from cracks or peeling. If you really want to help your home look great, do a realistic assessment of its exterior. Then, schedule any needed repairs.

It can be helpful to remember that some construction techniques used in older homes require specialized skills to keep them in top shape. For example, if your home features traditional stucco, look for a contractor that specializes in stucco repair Columbus Ohio for the best results.

2. Have Windows Refinished

Older omes also have some unique features around windows and doors that might benefit from a quick refresh. Here are a few of the most common repairs that older windows may need:

  • Replace glazing on windows
  • Install functional shutters
  • Repaint window frames
  • Seal cracks and gaps around them

3. Remove Carpets

Many older homes have beautiful floors hidden underneath wall-to-wall carpeting. While you may find a plain subfloor, the chances are just as good you’ll find hardwood, mosaics, or custom designs when you pull these carpets up.

4. Upgrade Electrical Systems

This may not be immediately visible, but it will certainly make your home more functional and possibly safer. Often, after years of upgrades and additions, older homes have badly outdated wiring that struggles to support modern electronics. The best way to find out is to have a qualified electrician examine your wiring and service panel to see if upgrades are needed.

Siding and window repairs can give an older home’s exterior a fresh look while pulling up carpets and upgrading wiring can make the interior more comfortable and attractive.