5 Features That Can Create a Distinctive Landscape Design

Most people driving past your home will never get the chance to step inside.  Instead, they quickly form an impression of who you are by what they see in your yard. Here are five features that can add distinction to any residential landscape.

1. Make Seating Areas for Individuals or Groups

Walk down a meandering path and find an inviting place to rest on a small stone bench. You may also enjoy viewing the sunset from a couple of rockers on the side porch. Or perhaps you like to entertain, so plan a deck or pergola where you can gather to eat a meal or just to visit.

2. Consider a Secret Garden

You can bring a sense of mystery to the corner of your yard by adding a garden gate or screen. A vegetable or flower garden can become a secluded secret garden by adding a handcrafted garden screen. Just imagine your morning meditation among nature’s fresh fragrances, yet hidden away from the world!

3. Add to Your Ambience With Attractive Lighting

You can enjoy looking out of your window in the evening by adding lights at the base of trees and shrubs. Subdued lighting that borders the driveway or pathway can also add to the distinctive mood of your yard. In addition, exterior lighting can increase the security of your property.

4. Balance Colors for Each Season

Your landscape should include complementary color schemes. Having balanced colors each season adds to the exterior beauty of your home throughout the year. You may have favorite flowers or trees you want to include. If you are just learning, consider varieties that are easiest to grow in any yard.

5. Create Calm With Water Features

If you like the sound of a babbling brook, you may want to include a water feature near your bedroom window. If you don’t want the noise, most water features can be switched off when desired.

Any of these additions can make for attractive landscaping for passers-by, while also making a wonderful place for those living in your home to enjoy.