Achieve Your Own High-End Outdoor Space With the Aid of Water Fountains

Achieve Your Own High-End Outdoor Space With the Aid of Water Fountains

It is difficult to create a good looking outdoor space. Assuming that you already have the plants in place along with your outdoor furnishings, you would soon notice that something is missing, and then you’ll realize that your garden is lacking a water feature that would make it more authentic and close to nature. Of course, you’ll never ran out of water features to use for your outdoor space; from ponds and streams, to pools and water spouts, there are definitely wide selections to choose from. However, building these fixtures eats a lot of time and energy; what you actually need is something that you could easily install and maintain and this is when a wall fountain would be useful.

Wall fountain is a relatively new concept when it comes to fountain design. As its name suggest, it is a water feature that you could mount on your garden wall. It is very efficient when it comes to space and complements small areas very well but could also work for wide spaces. A wall mounted fountain could be attached in several ways; some designs could be installed by using mortars with special T-block supports or decorative braces, while some finishes are equipped with some kind of mounting hardware.

Wall fountain designs are nearly boundless, though most of them share the same feature wherein a jet of water sprinkles to a basin or trough, which in turn adds up to its major appeal. One of the most favorite designs when it comes to wall-mounted fountains is that of the artisan finish wherein hand carved heads of various characters ranging from angels, lions and mythological characters serves as the main design features of the fixtures. Wall shell or bowl fountains are also preferable choices credited to the series of basins they hold where water cascade gracefully and produces a delightful stream-like sound. They blend well with classic gardens and landscapes, but they are also ideal for personal outdoor spaces located in urban areas since the sound they produce could drown the noise coming from roadways.

If you don’t have an issue with regards to the space of your lawn or garden, floor fountains are also good options. In fact, they are regarded as the most formal and advisable means to integrate water to your outdoor space. If installed in the right settings, these stand-alone water features become the focal point of landscape designs. Other than their visual prowess, these fountains also induce the feeling of comfort and relaxation through the splashing sound produced by the water they hold.

Various floor fountains achieve different effects and purposes though they mainly function as decorative centerpieces. There are many styles to choose from and each of them has their own place in gardens. Ornamental statuary fountains are among the favorites of many designers and homeowners alike due to their comprehensive statue designs, which is why they are the most preferable choice for wide gardens and large commercial outdoor spaces. Birdbaths are also goof floor water features since they serve two primary purposes””decorative features and bird hangouts.

If your outdoor space is very limited like that of a balcony, which would only permit you to place a comfortable lounge set, you could still incorporate water in your design through the use of tabletop water fountain. Like the large ones, this small water feature could liven up the look of your balcony and make it an ideal location for conversations. There are wide selections to choose from that would surely complement your outdoor furniture. Some are designed to look like flower vases completer with intricate floral designs, while others are constructed from natural rocks, giving them their natural touch.

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