Awesome Makeshift Bar Ideas

Awesome Makeshift Bar Ideas

Building a bar can be fun and it doesn’t take much money. Purchasing a bar can be a bit more expensive. In fact, it can get in the ridiculously stratosphere range. Makeshift bars are the way to go if you are right in between, and they don’t have to look like it.

There are plenty of ways to class up the joint with makeshift home bars. You’d be surprised what all you can do with a few pieces of furniture or even off-the-wall items you never thought to use.


When I first saw this idea, it was a table no more than a serving tray placed on a stand sitting strategically against the wall. A few bottles of different brands were displayed with a flower vase and a set of glasses. I remember thinking to myself that it was the simplest and yet, the most elegant idea I had ever seen.

I might have been going overboard with my emotions at the time, but that’s how I felt. Maybe it was the rest of the scene that applied that much reaction. It was outside on the back patio sitting right under the kitchen window.

Since then, I have seen different variations of the same thing. Once, I saw a narrow table sitting against the wall with an ice bucket and a wider assortment of spirits and wines. Then, I saw a dining room table used in the same manner. I guess with your own imagination, this idea can take any form you desire.

Wall Bar

This was too unique to leave out as a suggestion. A friend of mine had a small bookshelf that he bought years ago before he got married. But of course, with marriage came the changes in the household composition and the bookshelf was retired to the garage.

One day, a bright idea came from my friend’s head. He decided that he would take that bookshelf and use it as a wall bar. He took the shelves out of it. Then, turned it sideways and hung it on the wall like that. It provides two shelves for his bar where he can have small bottles on the bottom shelf and larger ones on the top.

China Cabinet

In yet another marriage scenario, we have the birth of the china cabinet bar. A friend of mine bought his wife a new china cabinet. You would think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever heard. But, he had ulterior motives. He wanted the old china cabinet.

There wasn’t anything he had to do with it, but move it to another room. I thought it was a great idea. So, I tried to buy my wife a new china cabinet. That idea backfired when I mentioned what I was thinking of doing and she had a much better idea of what to do with our money. Next time, I’ll just go ahead and make the purchase before consulting with her about it.

It doesn’t always have to be the most elaborate plan in the world. Having a home bar can be as easy as using some creativity and eyeing something that you haven’t thought of before. In a world going green, I can’t think of a better way to recycle.