How to Have a Luxury Interior Without Spending Too Much – Part I

How to Have a Luxury Interior Without Spending Too Much – Part I

Almost all the interior clients we deal with in Mumbai are looking for elite or luxury home interiors. There is nothing wrong in it. Everybody wants to get most out of the things. But the problem comes when they are not ready to invest what is necessary to get that. This used to halt us on many occasions.

But not anymore.

Because we have found ideas that we implemented in making their home looks like they wanted – luxurious, elite, classy interior. Today & in subsequent articles I’ll be disclosing some of those ideas with all of you.

But a warning before proceeding further – Interior decorating & designing is a matter of personal preference & personal style. The things that appeal to you may not appeal to your brother at all & vice-versa. Fortunately, there are many styles & ideas that suit many personal preferences.

Having said that, let’s start with the first concept to have luxurious interior for your home. As you might have observed, one of the important thing in having the elite & classy interior is wall decor paintings by artists.

Now there is some good news & some bad news.

Bad news is these arts by famous artists are costly, very costly. That’s another reason why the famous paintings are considered as an investment. Because, they do appreciate in value. But as I said it requires huge amount to get these in the first place. So we must look for another option. Gladly for you, we have already done that.

We have found an alternative to this problem. And that I consider as good news for you. First, their paintings – when selected carefully – really enhance the looks & create an aura. For that I suggest to take help of professional interior designer.

There are many places where you can get the paintings – real good ones – by upcoming artists. The best part is you get these at a fraction of price as compared to the very famous ones. Get help of your interior designer & chose appropriate paintings for your home.

Do this & see how the looks of your home changes to more elite & classy interior.

Have a great day…