The Simplest Way to Keep Your House Glare Free

The Simplest Way to Keep Your House Glare Free

It is possible that you may not have heard of “roman blinds.” You should not worry as you are not alone. When people see one they just assume it is a type shade or blind but don’t give much thought to it. “Roman blinds” are both an ancient and modern invention to help keep out unwanted light, heat and dust from entering your room. They have both qualities going for it that is style and function.

There was a time not too long ago when there was no such a thing as glass to help cover an open window. In fact there was even a time when windows did not have shutters which you could open and close, so unless you had something like a curtain you were at the mercy of the sun, wind, rain and dust that could come in. In ancient times there was no such a thing as concrete or asphalt roads, so that meant the roads were dirty and dusty and that dust would enter your house if you lived near it.

So in this environment it is not surprising that the ancient Romans had to come up with a lasting solution. This is when someone must have come up with the idea of “blinds”, hence the name “roman blinds”. Those early day blinds were usually made out of fabric and sometimes wood. It was a simple concept of having layers of strips joined together with some string which was put through some holes and could be opened and closed by pulling on a string.

Even though the original intent was to cover open windows, time went by and people started to look at them as decorative items as well. In modern times the biggest change that they have undergone is in the material that is used to make them. Earliest blinds were made out of fabric as mentioned before, but now they can be made out of plastic, faux wood and so on. You can even get them in different thicknesses which will give you a choice on its opaqueness.

Some people get discouraged when told about “roman binds” because they tend to think of it as something expensive. If anything, the opposite is true, they tend to be cheaper than good quality curtains. It’s not difficult to find some nice looking and cheap blinds that will fit your house or room and also to match the color of your furniture. You also have the option of ordering some to be custom made to your liking, by just giving the measurements and type of fabric.

It is a lot easier to measure for “roman blinds” than it is to measure curtains. So if you go for the custom made option then it is a lot easier than you would think and not to mention a very classy choice. So after looking at all of the pros and con’s it is not difficult to see why these type of blinds are very popular with people of all types of back ground.

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