Eclectic Style

Eclectic Style

Eclecticism means borrowing a variety of styles from different sources and combining them. Simply it is a kind of mixed style in fine arts. This term describes a single art work with a variety of influences; it is a vast field covering different areas such as painting, architecture, music and decorative arts.

Many of us, when thinking of home interior, can’t decide on a particular style to go for. We prefer a bit of one style and a bit of another. In other words we want to go for an eclectic style which is a mixture of different interior styles. It would encompass a big variety of periods and styles brought together through the use of different colors, textures, shapes and finishes. Eclectic style is basically based on the idea of mix and match i.e. bringing together the design elements of different interior styles that give your place an exotic look. This style purely and unconditionally depends on the creativity and taste of a person.

Here are some basic elements of eclectic style that would help you gear up interior design ideas for your place.


Eclectic style can be a mixture of eclectic colors but it is intelligent to go for something neutral so it can tie up all the elements of the place together. Creams and browns serve best for this purpose as they assure that the design is not mislaid in many tinges. This can be one of the great bedroom ideas to spruce up your humble abode.


There is no boundary to furniture selection in eclectic style. You can go for anything from flashy carved chairs to simple enamel coated cabinets. Generally, the paint covers up the diversity of the style and the type of furnishings.


Eclectic style is partly defined by the multitude fabric style. They can be patterned, textured or both. It is better to select a color scheme and work in accordance to that and then you can add to it with special colored and textured furnishings.


The best part of eclectic styles is that they absorb every type of style and shape, ranging from highly geometric to simple curves, all can fit in an eclectic design.


Combined together, finishes and textures are the elements that set the eclectic style apart from the rest. Finishes are the only elements that are basically not a mixture but materials that separate the eclectic look from looking like a mixture and provide it with its own originality.