Check Out These Great Tips to Keep Your White Interior Design Clean From Kids!

Check Out These Great Tips to Keep Your White Interior Design Clean From Kids!

The idea of keeping your white interior design furniture safe from the antics of children may seem near impossible, but with a few proper precautions, it will be possible to save your white furniture from young children in the household. First and foremost, it will be necessary for you to talk to your children about what the acceptable and unacceptable behavior around your white furniture is, then it will be necessary for you to arm yourself with the items you will need to keep your furniture in top condition.

Approximately once a week, you should carefully examine your white leather sofa to look for stains, marks, rips, or other types of damage to the sofa. Should you happen to find a small rip or tear in your white leather sofa, you can employ the use of a patch kit that is designed for leather sofas to repair the damage. If these tears are not patched promptly, then the activity of your kids in and around the sofa can potentially make the holes bigger than what they are currently.

If you must clean your white sofa of dirt or debris, then you will need to concoct a solution of warm water and a moisturizing body soap. Using a dampened cloth, you should wipe down your sofa thoroughly with this solution. Do not forget to pay close attention to the cracks and seams of the sofa. The leather of the sofa should then be allowed to dry thoroughly before anyone uses it again.

Every other week, you should nourish and protect your white leather sofa with a leather conditioner. In doing so, you will make the leather of your sofa much more durable, thereby lessening the damage that your kids can do to it. Another solution that is beneficial to leather furniture consists of one part white vinegar mixed with two parts of linseed oil. Either solution should be applied generously to your white sofa in slow, deliberate circular motions.

The solution that is applied to the leather of your white sofa should be allowed to sit for approximately ten minutes before you wipe it off. Proper maintenance of your white leather sofa is not difficult, and the regular maintenance of the sofa will ensure that its lifespan is extended. Even when small children or kids are in the picture, it is possible for you to have and maintain lovely white furniture in your home.

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