Delivering a Powerful Punch With Tribal Art

Delivering a Powerful Punch With Tribal Art

Tribal art is a creative and unique means of decorating body and home, with interesting symbols that offer power, love, health, wealth, protection, and much more. Some symbols have specific meanings in other cultures, while others are created solely for their aesthetic value. Delivering a powerful punch with such art can be accomplished in one of a few different ways, or you can combine them for a more powerful impact.

You may never have heard of it before, or may have only been exposed to it in tattoo format. Do not feel outdated, because you are one of millions who are just being exposed to this modern craze. Traditionally, it was reserved for tattoo artists, African-American decor options, jewelry, and even clothing brands, but was rarely applied to everyday home interior design.

What is tribal art?

Contrary to popular belief, tribal art is more than just wavy lines and thorny vines entwined to create an interesting tattoo or t-shirt design. It actually incorporates any type of native art, including religious symbolism, and is really the term used for cave drawings, native artwork, and similar ideas. Another common misconception is that it must be black and white, when in fact it can come in many different colors and shades to create beautiful and interesting designs that tell a story.

Why choose tribal art for your home decor?

Artwork that utilizes tribal art motifs is a great way to start conversations, wish blessings on a new couple or a new home, promote peace or prosperity, or even ask for protection for the home and inhabitants thereof. If you want to deliver a powerful punch in a small package, a tribal art piece is a great start to a beautiful collection that speaks to anyone who sees it.

How To Find Tribal Artwork

You can go into almost any home interior decorating store, some home improvement stores, and thousands of websites to find a plethora of it. From interesting pictures and exceptional sculptures to simple prints or wall tattoos, there is much to choose from when you make a bold statement with it. You can find tribal art and decor on auction websites as well, giving you more value for every dollar that you spend.

Common Tribal Art Symbols

It is true that some of the most common tribal art symbols include those curvy lines and/or thorn-riddled vines, but there is much more to choose as well. Abstract human forms, such as stick figures, with long legs/arms are popular, as are pregnant women figures. Animals are very popular, such as dogs, monkeys, snakes, horses, and much more.

Less popular ideas that are still considered to be such kind of art include the swastika, religious symbols such as amulets or talismans, and sun symbols.

Colors have no limit, but the most common colors used in ancient tribal art included black, white, red, yellow, and sometimes blue or green. It depended on the availability of certain dyes. In our modern times, though, there is no limit to your creative license!