Five Inexpensive Ways to Redecorate Your Home

Five Inexpensive Ways to Redecorate Your Home

You don’t need to spend a fortune to redecorate your home. It’s not the large pieces of furniture that matter; it is the small touches that can make a house feel more like a home. Want to give your room a new look while spending little money? Here are five things you can try.


Framed artwork is lovely. But unless you are an artist, it can be hard to find a piece that you like for cheap. Posters alleviate that problem. Because they are so affordable, they can be changed easily whenever you want. So one month you can show off your favorite movie poster and the next month you can have art deco prints. If you really like a poster, you can have it framed.


Nothing brings life indoors like a couple of potted plants. Ferns have a great lush look, while spider plants are easy for anyone to care for. Herbs that can be used in the kitchen for cooking are easy to grow. If you always forget to water your plants, consider getting a small cactus. It can thrive without your care.


It’s not just about how a room looks but also how it smells. This is especially true during the hot summer and cold winter months when you don’t get any fresh air indoors. Consider a warm piney scent or baking scent to make a place feel cozy in the winter. During the summer a fruity scent or a floral scent is often the best to make the place feel light and comfortable.


Rather than replace your outdated couch, throw a cover and some new pillows on it and it will look new again. Pillows are one of the best accessories for your home. Do the same for your bed. If you have chairs with cushions on them in the kitchen, replace them with a new pattern. These small actions really add up.


Another thing every home should have is a nice mirror. In small spaces, a mirror can open up the room and make it feel bigger. The mirror doesn’t have to be large, but should be small and perhaps have a decorative frame. One full length mirror is good to have in the bedroom. Redecorating a home can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. The answer is often to not make over a complete room, but to add some nice finishing touches that will give it a new look and better reflect your personality.