Gardening In Small Spaces Can Be Challenging But Fun

Gardening In Small Spaces Can Be Challenging But Fun

Want to grow a home vegetable garden but do not think you have room!

A small vegetable garden can provide a lot of fresh vegetables.

Here are some gardening tips for those who have small spaces.

First consider which vegetables you really must have. What are your favorites? Can they be grown in your area? And how much room will each type of plant take up? Once you have that sorted out decide how much of your limited space you are willing to devote to your patio garden or small outdoor garden.

If you are planting an outdoor garden, you have a lot of options to maximize your gardens potential. Most plants are free standing and require a set amount of room to produce well.

Others such as cucumbers that grow on vines can be trained to grow on a trellis or fence, that is one space saver. Any privacy wall that gets enough sunlight can be fitted with window box style planters to grow even more home vegetables. Plant along the bottom of the wall and plant smaller bush vegetables in the boxes above. Pepper plants and herbs do well in the window boxes.

If you have a patio or other small garden space, the same ideas can be adapted to increase the amount of home vegetables you can grow. Look for decorative ways to layer your plants and still allow for enough sunlight for each one. Try to pick plants that only need a few hours of sunlight so you can rotate them with other that need some rays too.

Make sure to use pots or planters that match the size of your plants. You don’t want to use up all your spaces planting a tomato plant in a large container when you could grow just as many tomatoes in a hanging planter. The upside down planters are great for this. Many plants can be grown in hanging baskets. Strawberries, bell peppers, chili peppers, and most herbs do very well in small containers.

Always look for ways to recycle. A cookie jar that has a chip in it might not be appealing in your kitchen, but would be perfect to grow a little mint or thyme.

Home garden vegetable growers are making a come back. Whatever home garden ideas you can think of will provide you with fresh vegetables to enjoy when ready.