Wallcoverings in 2010

There are still many that have terrifying flashbacks from years long past of walls plastered with horrendous wallpaper(s); visions which have permanently removed the thought of ever using wallcoverings within a personal space. The time has come for a new look at a decorating solution that is anything but dated!

Let’s start with Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics. You’ve likely seen the standard striped patterns and florals that tend to be stocked by your local home decor centre. While some retro patterns are once again en vogue, there are many large scale damasks, florals, and geometrics that would make your heart stop. The colour palettes are diverse and the textures subtle. And many feature a hint of metallic flare for that extra shimmer.

Thinking outside the proverbial box, Swedish design firm Kredema launched Off the Wall. The premise – wallpaper that is not only decorative, but also functional. The Off the Wall designs include “built-in” lighting and shelving options. Currently available in six (6) patterns, the wallcoverings come in two (2) separate parts: the wallpaper, and three-dimensional components that are mounted over the wallpaper!

The other segment of the wallcoverings market making great strides is wall decals. Some of these are vinyl and others are nothing more then stickers. The great thing about these options is that many of them can be “re-stuck.” If you tire of them in one place or pattern, remove them and rearrange them somewhere else. You can also mix and match patterns and colours for a truly unique and inspired piece of wall art!

As this trend explodes, you can find these decals at more and more retail locations. But if you want to explore designs by one of the innovators in this category, you need to check out Blik.