Feng Shui’s Color Interpretations

Feng Shui’s Color Interpretations

When it comes to home interior decoration, many people consider it with the Feng Shui’s techniques which are able to explain how the environment affects us.

Actually, every item is associated with some color. According to Feng Shui, the different colors represent different energies and they could create different feelings. Here is a list of some of the most popular colors and their interpretations:

The yellow color represents friendliness, cheerfulness, motion, sunbeams, and warmth. If you use yellow in your home interior design, you should be very careful, because if you use a large amount of yellow, it could cause anxiety.

Blue may symbolize the energy and love. You can use it, if you want to create feelings of trust and peace. Otherwise, the blue is the color of the sky and the sea. So, some people may associate it with exploration and adventure as well.

If you look for symbols of income and money, you can use the black color in your home. You can enforce it effect by combining it with some metal item. The black can be used for power and emotional protection as well.

The purple is one of the most popular Feng Shui’s colors, because it may symbolize spiritual awareness as well as mental healing.

White represents confidence, purity, and poise. If you combine it with silver or gold items, it will create a calm atmosphere.

If you have problems with your concentration, the orange color in your home may help you to strengthen it. The orange is considered to be the color of the organization.

The nature is often associated with the green color which symbolizes peace, calmness, development, and growth. You can combine it with wood elements, if you want to feel closer to the nature in your home as well as to feel more creative.

Red color represents the energy of fire. Its usage in your home should be used balanced, because it could create both creative and destructive feelings. However, if you avoid overusing it in your home, it may bring excitement, strong, and joy.