Beating the Summer Heat at Home

The hot summer months can put your home’s HVAC system into overdrive and make your energy bill practically double. Here are some things that you can do to keep your home cool during the summer and avoid spending a small fortune on electricity.

Clean Your Evaporator Coils

The unit inside of your home that controls airflow needs to be cleaned regularly. Over time, it will become clogged with dirt, dust, and buildup that can impede airflow and force your system to have to work much harder than it should have to. Clogged evaporator coils may cause your system to run almost continuously to raise the temperature inside of your home just a few degrees. HVAC contractors Duluth MN can clean your coils with a powerful chemical as a part of your regular system maintenance. Your system will operate more efficiently, and it will be more likely to reach its expected lifespan.

Check Out Your HVAC System’s Freon Levels

Typically, the HVAC system’s coolant levels don’t deplete over a period of many years. However, older systems that use the old type of Freon that is being phased out may be operating with less than their intended levels. Prolonged use without calibration or small leaks and blockages in your condenser’s filter can cause you to lose a little bit of this vital coolant. Resultantly, your system won’t cool as well as it should. You may notice condensation or even frost build-up on the inside of your air handler coils. When you have your system serviced, a technician can check your coolant levels and make sure that your system is adequately pressurized.

Having your HVAC system cleaned and calibrated annually will keep it running in optimal condition. With regular maintenance, it will be better able to hold up in hot weather and help you avoid wasting energy.