When You May Have a Legitimate Workers’ Compensation Claim

Injuries are a part of life. Mishaps can occur to anyone in a variety of different settings. Unfortunately, some of these incidents can be serious and cause significant harm. You may also encounter a situation where you’re injured on the job. If this happens, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation Maitland FL. You should understand when a claim is warranted and what you should do next.

Accidents in the Office

If you are on the clock, performing regularly assigned work duties, and suffer an injury, workers’ compensation should cover you. To be eligible, you must be engaged in legitimate work tasks during hours when you are supposed to be in the office. Injuries can include slip and falls, exposure to harmful chemicals, cuts and fractures.

Out of the Office

You may still claim benefits from workers’ compensation maitland fl if your injuries occurred away from your work facility. You must still be doing normal work for the company, however. For example, if you are in a car accident while making deliveries for the company, you should still get workers’ compensation coverage. If you are hurt while meeting with a client in another building, you are still on the clock and should, therefore, receive workers’ compensation benefits.

No Coverage

Not every injury at work will fall under workers compensation coverage. If your injuries occur due to horseplay or not following safety regulations, you can’t expect your claim to be valid. You also can’t file a claim if you are injured while not in the company’s employ. An example would be commuting to and from work or getting hurt while on your lunch break.

The Steps

Immediately after your injury, report it to your supervisor. Management will walk you through the process of filing a claim.

Understand how workers’ compensation Maitland FL can help you. Speak to your employer or an attorney if you have questions.