Improving Your Lawn to Protect Your Home

You may think that investing in your yard is just about curb appeal. A well-kept lawn that’s been professionally designed and landscaped adds exceptional beauty to be enjoyed. In truth, caring for your yard can also help protect your home. For design ideas that are functional as well as attractive, keep these tips in mind.

Protect Against Flooding

Having a professional drainage system manorville ny installed can help keep your lawn from becoming waterlogged during wet, rainy seasons. Even minor flooding can severely damage grass, shrubs and trees. In addition, the water accumulation can cause a major problem in your home, potentially flooding your basement or compromising your foundation. Make sure you have the proper hardscapes in place to keep excess water from standing in your yard.

Deter Burglars

While a well-manicured lawn may attract neighbors and potential buyers, it can also help act as a deterrent to burglars. Research shows that over 3,000 home break-ins occur every day in the United States. If you’ve carefully thought out your landscaping and design, you can eliminate elements that may otherwise draw burglars to your home. Keep your yard well-maintained and be sure to control overgrowth to eliminate potential hiding spots. Installing fences and exterior lighting adds an extra layer of protection and security to your yard and your home.

Increase Value

When it comes to protecting your home’s value, how you care for your lawn can have a huge impact. Proper maintenance can help repel pests and vermin while protecting many of the exterior and structural elements of your home. Reducing this wear and tear can keep your home from dropping in value. In addition, an established lawn and garden that has flourished for many seasons sends the right signal to those looking to buy in your area.

While a beautiful yard is worth the investment for the aesthetic benefits, the accompanying improvements and protection for your home are certainly worth considering. Improve your home by improving your yard today!