The Top Things You Should Rent, Not Buy

There are so many things throughout the years we bought and only used once: a knockout dress for your frenemy’s wedding, designer shoes that hurt but looked so good, the list goes on. We already figured out that buying isn’t always the right idea for some things. If you needed a new office space, you would look for office rental Atlanta GA, not offices to buy. So, why consider buying when you can rent other things?

Designer Clothes

Designer clothes are beautiful, but they come with a big price tag. Just putting a recognizable name on a dress or suit will add additional zeros to the cost. The next time you get the urge for some new clothes, check out some of the rental sites. Many of them guarantee delivery and offer free options in case your first choice doesn’t work out.


Tastes change over time. So, why invest a lot of money in artwork if you are just looking to fill empty walls? Instead of buying art for your office or home, you can rent it. Stagers have used rental artwork to make homes look more inviting for potential buyers. Now you can take advantage of the service until you find something you want to invest in.


Ridiculously popular toys like Legos can be in high demand at times. However, after spending time finding them, how often do they end up under the couch or on a shelf? Someone finally came up with the genius idea of renting toys. They come sanitized and ready for your kids to play with them, argue over them and then forget them.


If you don’t ride often or if you don’t have a place to store a bike, rent one. Many cities now make it easy with hourly rentals. Take advantage of a bike ride on a lovely day without committing to storing it in your apartment entry hall from now on.