Easy Upgrades for Every Backyard

Backyards come in many shapes and sizes. Elevate your backyard scene with a few simple upgrades to make outdoor living a year-round reality for you and your guests.

Play All Day

If you have children, consider adding an elaborate play set or jungle gym in your backyard for hours of entertainment. Older teens and adults may also enjoy sports courts, such as tennis and basketball spaces, to encourage exercise and teamwork. Your backyard may only have space for small sporting additions, but that does not mean the fun has to stop. Cornhole and horseshoe are other simple backyard games all can enjoy.

Growing Gems

Channel your inner green thumb by creating a backyard garden. Determine what you want to plant—herbs, vegetables, fruits, or flowers—the opportunities are endless! Research the best growing conditions for your desired bounty and partition off a section of your yard. Build and install proper garden support systems, plant seeds, and watch the beauty of growth over time! Make your backyard even sweeter by inviting family and friends to pick items from your garden to enjoy in their home kitchens.

Outdoor Entertaining

Take some time to analyze your backyard entertaining space and account for the proper equipment needed to serve your guests. If your budget permits, step it up a notch by investing in professional-grade appliances and kitchen hardware. Dream up a design yourself, or consider backyard kitchen designers pittsburgh to accommodate your needs. Ideas include a large outdoor grill, cozy fireplace, and even a crowd-pleasing pizza oven. Finish off your outdoor oasis with comfortable and durable furniture. Consider groups of chairs, or a large weatherproof couch if space permits. Finally, find space for an outdoor dining table and chairs to enjoy meals galore in the great outdoors.

Your backyard can easily transform from boring to the envy of the whole neighborhood with these simple tips.