Reasons Roof Upkeep Is So Important

While you may not think about it often, your roof is a major part of your home. Without a good roof over your head, the rest of the house would be unprotected. Because of its importance, routinely inspecting your roof is a must. Here are several reasons that roof upkeep is crucial.

Weather Protection

Your roof keeps you and your possessions safe from all types of weather. Roofs take the brunt of rain, wind, snow and harmful rays from the sun. If you notice that your shingles are curling or starting to fall apart, a quick call for professional roofing Littleton CO is necessary to make repairs.

Energy Efficiency

If you’ve ever heard someone say their heating costs have gone right through the roof, they’re not kidding. A roof that’s in poor shape allows heat to escape in the winter and lets hot air in during the summer, costing you money. Leaky roofs can also destroy important attic insulation.

Greater Curb Appeal

There’s no doubt about it, keeping your roof in tip-top shape makes the entire house look great. Since your roof is so noticeable, any wear and tear look obvious. Keeping your roof updated and repairing any problems increases curb appeal especially if you decide to sell.

Clean Gutters

Those rain gutters on the edge of your roof have an important job. They keep rain and moisture away from your house which prevents wood rot and even damage to your foundation. If your roof is in bad condition, loose granules can clog these gutters making a small problem into a large and expensive one.

A thorough inspection of the roof should be on everyone’s home maintenance to-do list. A tight roof will keep your house looking beautiful, save precious energy and protect your living quarters from the elements.