The Right Solution for Your Garage Door

Many homes in the United States have garage doors. At some point, these mechanized doors go out of commission. Most of these problems fit one of a few common areas. Here are some of the most common problems that modern homeowners have with their garage doors.

The Batteries in Your Remote Are Out

Although many American homes’ garage doors are automated, tons of them are equipped with outdated systems that always require manual interaction. If you use a remote to activate your home’s garage door, one of the first potential fixes you should turn to is replacing the batteries in your garage door’s remote.

Your Door’s Track Could Be Wrongly Positioned

Every garage door’s mechanism consists of a basic system of pullies and chains or cables. In many cases, tracks that aren’t aligned properly won’t work at all. Fortunately, all you will need to do is move to the mechanism’s chain or cable back on track. This usually doesn’t require much more from you than a ladder or a chair.

Is Something in the Door’s Way?

Most garage doors include optical sensors that prevent them from closing when objects are detected. If your door isn’t going down, you should check for obstacles in the lenses’ path or for imperfections in each of them.

It’s Not Connected to Power

Every modern garage door system requires an active electrical connection in order to operate. Even if all the system’s electrical supply cables are connected properly, a busted fuse in a breaker could cause this issue.

If You Have Cables, Are They Broken?

Chains rarely break on garage doors. Cables, since they’re not made out of steel, are much more likely to snap. Unless you have worked with garage doors before, you are better off getting professional help to replace your system’s cables. This is because cables are the bread-and-butter of the mechanisms of modern garage doors.

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