Buying a Home? What to Focus On During Open Houses

As one of the largest investments that you’ll ever make, buying a home takes time and attention to detail. Regardless of the property’s size, there will always be a lot of areas to focus on. Explore the top features that you should be concerned with as an open house kicks off. The tiniest details will either thrill you or turn you off.

Peek in the Closets

Know what you’re buying by looking at the features that aren’t the focal points. Open up a closet or two. Look at the walls, ceiling and floor. You might find peeling paint or old flooring hidden in the closets.

Ideally, a property should be updated from corner to corner. There shouldn’t be any overlooked areas because they can cause trouble down the road for the new owner.

Try the Plumbing

You might be touring several open houses with your real estate agent Lake County FL. At each property, make it a goal to turn on a few of the faucets. Watch how the water flows and drains out. A home inspector will ultimately cover these details, but it’s good to know if the plumbing is sound upon your first visit.

Gaze out Past the Fence

You’re not just buying into the property. Part of your investment goes toward the surrounding neighborhood. As you walk around the front or backyards, gaze over at the adjacent properties. If most of the neighbors take care of their homes, this area is a quality one to invest in.

Look at Structural Items

Be extremely critical of the structural parts to the home. Look carefully at the roof, foundation and walls. If anything looks questionable, ask about the issues. In the end, you’ll be responsible for the repairs if you buy the home as is.

Take your time with a property search. It can be a stressful time as you find the right home. When the time is right, you can confidently buy the home and enjoy its amenities. Some properties stick with you for the rest of your life.