Give Your House a One Day Makeover

Give Your House a One Day Makeover

A one-day makeover is a makeover you can do in just 1 day, not something you’ll get around to “one day”! Although I find homemaking and decorating very enjoyable and rewarding, sometimes all the jobs on the to-do list are overwhelming, and I need something with a bit more of an instant reward. This is a makeover you can begin on Saturday or Sunday morning, which will leave your home looking transformed by the evening.

Be Ruthless!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris

Chucking things away is one of my greatest pleasures in life, and I regularly succumb to what Carrie Bradshaw termed a “feng-shui attack”. However, I know it’s not the same for everyone, and many of us like to hold on to things. The rub is that liberating a space from under a pile of junk will transform it. Go with the rule that if you haven’t worn or used it in 2 years, then it’s time to let go. I’m a keen recycler, and Freecycle, eBay and local charity shops get anything that hasn’t seen the end of its useful life.

Create a Feature Wall

Choose one room in your hallway, living room, or kitchen to become a colourful feature wall. Pick a wall that’s as plain as possible, without doors or windows as interruptions. For inspiration on colours, look at the fabrics, furniture and rugs currently in the room and choose something that will unite the colour scheme. As we’re working quickly here, chose paint instead of wallpaper.

Doors to Happiness and Windows to Enlightenment

A friend gave me this tip years ago and it has saved me on many an occasion. There’s something about having clean doors and window frames that gives the whole place and instant clean feel, and it’s a quick and easy job to do.

It’s Life, Pretty Much as We Know It

Again, this is something that will provide instant lift and lots of life. Bring plants into your living space. Grouping plants together at varying heights will look awesome and bring in a hint of the jungle. Bunches of flowers work to similar effect.

Bathroom Benefits

Bring an instant new look to your bathroom by taking out a plain mirror or cabinet and replacing it with a big new mirror in an ornate frame. Make sure your towels and bathmat match. Is your bathmat old and manky? If so, replace it immediately. Also, empty your bathroom bin – there’s something about an empty bin in a bathroom that makes it feel less messy and more spa-like.

Finally, have a quick clean, tidy and hoover round, invite your mates round for a glass of wine and enjoy your fabulous newly-made over home.