Great Patio Ideas – Reach For the Sky This Spring

Great Patio Ideas – Reach For the Sky This Spring

How about creating a wonderful Spanish style patio with a fantastic array of flowers and plants cascading down the walls, peaking through trellis or hiding some unsightly downpipes? Think of your vertical space, reach for the sky and your patio will suddenly come alive with some great patio ideas. It’s quick and easy to do. All you need is think of Spain and think of Spanish Rings flower pot holders. They have been specially designed to fit on walls, trellis and pipes or posts. The rings are strong and made of mild steel then coated with pvc to withstand the elements.

Creative patio ideas will come flooding to you. Just think of the different elements you can arrange to suit your garden designer’s eye. First you can decide on the size of Spanish Rings to fit your flower pots – these are currently available to hold small, medium or large pots that hold pots up to a top rim-to-rim diameter of 8″ or 20cm. You can use either plastic or clay/terracotta pots or even conical baskets that will ‘sit’ either higher or lower in the Ring depending on the flare of the pot or basket.

Your patio ideas will start to sparkle with your choice of plants. Traditional summer bedding plants often sold by garden centres for use in hanging baskets are candidates. Pelargoniums and standard trailing geraniums in searing red really punch out from a white background. Trailing fuchsias can look stunning. But don’t stop there. Add some ferns, evergreens, grasses or even a selection of succulents. Feeling crazy? Then how about some cherry tomatoes or strawberries for some random planting punctuation!

One last patio idea to add to all your patio ideas. It’s a hot summer’s night (we wish!) and you’re sipping a glass of something chilled. On the wall you’ve given some plants the night off. Instead you’ve replace the ‘planted’ pot with an empty one. Added a small saucer to the bottom to block the drainage hole and placed a citronella candle on a bed of sand. The flickering glow of the candle dances over the walls and keeps those blasted midges away – all at the same time. Superb.

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