Selecting a Comforter Cover

Selecting a Comforter Cover

When wanting to place a new comforter cover on your bed there are a few things you should know. A good quality comforter serves as an insulator for keeping your body heat in, adding a gentle comfort to your sleep, while adding a decorative touch to the bedroom. The overall price is determined by size, (king, queen, full, or twin), type of fabric, construction and how many items are in the set. For example: some sets come with extra decorative pillows, bed skirts, and pillow shams.

General sizes of Comforter Covers are King size: 110″ x 96″, Queen Size 98″ x 92″, full 88″ x 86″ and twin 86″ x 86″. Each manufacture has their own measurements and side drop giving the desired look for the bed. Always take the measurements that are given for the bedding you are considering, and measure your own bed to feel confident of what will work for you. As a side note. Some bedding items are designed to be used with a bed skirt while others are meant to be used by themselves. A comforter with a bed skirt will be a touch shorter on the side that one used without one.

There are three things that add to the price of the finished comforter, fabric wise. Bedding made out of natural fibers like cotton, silk and linen tend to be the most expensive while more desirable by most people. Interior designers often only use custom decorative fabric made out of these materials for their customers. While these natural materials are wonderful to the touch, they all must be dry cleaned and are tend to fade in direct sunlight. Today we see the use of more high quality synthetic materials like rayon and the new generation of polyester. They have the general feel of natural materials, are washable for most part, and can be purchased at a better price.

From a construction standpoint. The main differences are in the details. When corners come together are they mitered or just butted into each other. Are the top of the comforter cover quilted around the decorative pattern or does it use a set stitched in pattern. On the most basic terms, there is not much stitching at all, just a dart stitch every once and a while. Turn over the cover and see what the underside looks like. Do they use a coordinating colored fabric on the back side?

The last thing that determines the price of the cover is how many extra items come in the set. Sometimes you can find comforters sold just are themselves, but most often they are part of a decorative ensemble. Twin size sets normally come with a pillow sham and bed skirt, with full size ensembles adds a second pillow shams. When you select the larger queens and king size sets, the change in accents is dramatic including round, rectangular, square decorative pillows of all sizes and shapes, bolsters, and accents. To give you even more options, many manufactures put together a standard basic set with the option to purchase the extra accent items at the time of purchase or at another time later on. We do recommend you purchase everything that you want at one time. Because manufactures do not give warnings when they discontinue a product line.

Like most things in life you get what you pay for, when selecting a new cover for you bed take into consideration all the different types of comforters that are in the market and choose the one that is best for your own personal needs. Most retailers today have different sales going on that lower the price as well.

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