How To Properly Smoke A Cigar

While you can smoke a cigar in the same way that you would a cigarette, this is generally not how it is done. While part of is likely just the culture of cigar smokers, it’s also possible that many manufacturers made their products so they could be enjoyed a certain way. If you want to get the most out of the cigar-smoking experience, then, here are two things that you must do.

Cut the cigar

While a cigarette is usually just burned at one end, the same isn’t done with a cigar. Before smoking a cigar, you must cut the unopened end of it through some method. Certain devices such as a punch or guillotine are available for doing this, but it’s possible to also use a knife or even your mouth if absolutely necessary. Just be sure to cut the closed end quickly and only a few millimeters from the edge. Otherwise, the tobacco leaf wrapped around your luxury product can unravel.

Keep the smoke in your mouth

With a cigarette, you take the smoke into your lungs. This is not done with cigars, especially those in the Miami Cigars Collection. After heating up the cut end, pull in the smoke like you’re sipping from a straw and then keep it inside your mouth. Enjoy the taste of it. Cigars all have different flavors to enjoy that go beyond just the taste of the tobacco. Depending on where your purchase is from, you can taste nuts, bread, and other things. Once you’ve had your fill of this taste, you can expel the smoke.

Hopefully, now you won’t end up either ruining the first good cigar that you’ve purchased or looking uncultured if someone else offers you one. On top of that, you should also be able to fully enjoy your smoking experience.