Modern Decorating Ideas: SEI Black Arch Fireplace Blends Perfectly To Modern Decor

I love fireplace in winter, as it will make you feel comfortable especially during colder season. If you hate cold as much as I do, let’s install a fireplace. However, aside from the warm it can bring, a fireplace also creates elegant ambiance into your modern home especially if it comes with an elegant and classy design.

It doesn’t matter where you place it, SEI Black Arch Top Wall Mount Gel Fuel Fireplace is suitable for outdoor or indoor area. Comes in black finish with gold lining, this elegant and sleek fireplace will surely compliment your modern home interior or landscape. With a dimension of 27-inches wide, 6-inches deep and 2575-inches high, the SEI is just right to be in your living room or patio creating a warm and cozy ambiance.

Aside from the elegance and cozy warm feeling it can bring, the SEI fireplace is also a perfect tool to keep you warm when power was out and it is freezing cold outside. Each can of the fireplace’s gel fuel is enough for three hours of keeping you warm and it surely will be long enough for a power interruption unless when there are some huge damages that will take longer to fix.

The fireplace requires no installation at all, thus ideal for those who have no male house members or those who are not knowledgeable enough in fixing something. On the other hand, if you happen to have not bought any fuel yet, this stylish and elegant fireplace works out well enough with candles in it, thus making it an elegant candle holder especially during summer creating an eye-catching d?�cor to your home.

Despite of the inviting features that the SEI Black Arch Fireplace has, it also has some disadvantages that may make you think a several times before finally purchasing one. One must note that, gel fuels are a bit pricey and are rarely available in local stores. You have to purchase it online and you will most likely to pay the costly shipping that online stores charge, thus buying large amount when available in local stores can be ideal. In addition, screws and plugs that are included in the fireplace package may pull out of your wall, thus buying a different set of screws will definitely do the trick.

Regardless those negative points above, the SEI Black Arch Top Wall Mount Gel Fuel Fireplace is generally a perfect tool for you to keep warm during winter and have your room or patio a warm, elegant and cozy ambiance all throughout the year. I must admit, at the end of the day, it would be nice to sit in front of this fireplace in my living room.