Modern Great Room Ideas for Teen Boys to Try

Different with childhood, your teen boys surely changes his taste for anything like bedroom design. No more cartoon things in their room because they start to be more mature. As the parent, you can help your them in having a good room. You can try the modern great room ideas in here to your boys room. Let’s check out what can make their dream room turns into reality with using some great room ideas below.

Use Neutral Color for the Wall

As it stated before, your teen boys are going to be more mature. That’s why using Neutral color for the wall is a good idea. It doesn’t matter if the previous wall color is white. But to make  a new atmosphere, you can change it with the other neutral color like black. It will make your boys room looks more masculine. This is the number one of modern great room ideas which can make them comfortable even for their friends to sleepover.

Apply Monochrome Displays

The number two of great room ideas is applying monochrome displays. You don’t always need to buy the displays. There are some ways which are more efficient. Print some pictures with your boys like the most in monochrome color and place it on the black frames. Trust me it really works.

Arrange Space for Hobby

Boys are very active in their school. There must be something they like whether it’s sport, music, or art. When you are decorating their room, support your boys talent by arranging a space for their hobby. Make sure that they have enough space to save the guitar or drawing tools. This is the number three of modern great room ideas to try.

Set the LED Light

The number four of great room ideas is set the LED light. Detach their old bulbs and change it with more modern LED light. It’s not their age anymore to use the old stuffs. Besides white, there are some colors of LED light which are suitable for teen boys room. Red is a good recommendation if you use black wallpaper color. This one of great room ideas are not difficult to do and find because you can get all the things in a trusted store like IKEA.