Tips in Getting Minimalist But Modern Layout Design

Modern exterior and interior can be realized in a minimalist home. But what will you do to make your simple home turns into a modern look? Are you confused where to start? It’s better for you to plan a layout design first. Not only a place to stay, home also needs to has a good view from the outside and inside. That’s why knowing what you need to do in getting a minimalist but modern layout design in here is necessary.

Pay Attention to the Number of Bedrooms

As it is a minimalist home, it will also has minimalist furniture. The first thing you need to follow from the layout  design tips is pay attention to the number of bedrooms. How many members of the family who will stay in that home? You need to arrange it carefully in your minimalist home.

Place the Glass in the Appropriate Place

There are some furniture that can make your home looks modern. You can try this idea of placing the glass in your minimalist home. No need to set the big or wide one because you don’t have enough space for it. Adjust the width of the glass with the room in your home. In front of or beside your home are the good places. But once again make it up in a proper size.

Install the Slender Stairs

What next you should do in getting a minimalist but modern layout design? It will be from the stairs you want to install. In maximizing the minimalist home, it’s a good choice if you install the slender stairs. The floating or spiral stairs become very suitable for minimalist but modern layout design. Make the width of the stairs suitable for one person, not too wide and not too narrow.

Give a Place for the Plants

The next thing you should do in getting minimalist but modern layout design is give a place for the plants. Getting closer to the nature or plants are one of the choices for modern homes. You actually don’t always to have a big garden. By maximizing your room outside or even inside, you still can place the plants. Hanging plants in the pots is a good idea to apply in getting a minimalist but modern layout design.