Ornamental Plants for Your Home Terrace

Adding ornamental plants can make the terrace of the house feel more comfortable. However, what ornamental plants are suitable on the terrace of the house?

Ornamental Plants

To answer this question, actually almost all types of ornamental plants are suitable for decorating the terrace of the house. Even so, there are some ornamental plants that are recommended to be placed in this area because they provide coolness.

Types of Ornamental Plants to Beautify the Terrace

The many types of ornamental plants, may make us confused about choosing plants that are suitable for the terrace of the house. Relax, this time we have some plant recommendations that can make the terrace fresher and more attractive. Check out the following.

1. Aglaonema plant

The types of Aglaonema plants are quite diverse, ranging from Aglaonema Silver Queen, Silver King, Harlequin, and many more.

One type of Aglaonema that can be an option is Aglaonema Super White with almost all white leaves and fine green streaks. The bright white color can make the terrace of the house look more aesthetic.

In addition, you can also use Aglaonema Red Valentine, whose leaves are pink or red with a splash of green. This one plant can make the terrace of the house look more cheerful and attract attention.

This one plant is quite easy to care for so it is suitable for those of you who are still beginners in caring for ornamental plants.

You only need to water this plant when the planting medium is dry. However, make sure to avoid this plant from direct sunlight, yes. Don’t forget to also give fertilizer and use pesticides on a regular basis.

2. Betel Ivory

Ivory betel plant including plants that are not fussy. Betel ivory can grow in soil or water growing media.

Usually, betel ivory ornamental plants grow in vines. So, you can hang it to decorate the terrace of the house. The combination of white and green leaf colors can make the terrace look more minimalist.

Besides having beautiful leaf colors, ivory betel is believed to absorb pollution and dirt. So, the air around you can be better and fresher.

To care for ivory betel, you only need to water it regularly every morning or when the planting medium is dry. Make sure this plant also gets enough sunlight and is given fertilizer.

3. Calathea

There are many types of Calathea plants that are beautiful and pleasing to the eye. One of them is Calathea Crimson.

The leaf color of Calathea Crimson is quite unique. Usually, the leaves of this ornamental plant are a combination of black and a touch of bright pink or purple.

In addition to the beautiful color of the leaves, this type of Calathea has another uniqueness. As night falls, the leaves will contract and bloom again in the morning.

How to care for this one plant is quite easy. Just provide adequate lighting because Calathea likes sunlight.

In addition, make sure you water this plant before the planting medium is completely dry. Usually every week or two.

4. Cactus Ornamental Plants

This one thorny plant consists of many types with unique shapes and colors. Cactus can bring vintage vibes and a middle east -style atmosphere .

One type of cactus that you must have on your terrace is the cowboy cactus. This type of cactus has a shorter posture than other cacti.

How to care for Cowboy cactus is also quite easy. You just need to be diligent in drying the cactus in direct sunlight. In addition, use a planting medium that absorbs water quickly so you don’t have to water the cactus too often.

Besides being able to beautify the terrace of the cactus house, it can also clean the air, you know. Cacti are believed to reduce radiation exposure from electronic devices, such as cell phones, TVs, or computers.