The Importance of Luxury Building Maintenance

Maintaining a luxury apartment building requires the coordination of various services that come with the high fees tenants are willing to pay. Building managers and superintendents must give special attention to the following areas.

Window Cleaning

Dust and grime can make their way onto your apartment building’s glass windows, causing your building to look unkempt. Routine window cleaning will allow residents to enjoy maximum light exposure and keeps their views unobstructed.


Many tenants are willing to pay a premium for a well-maintained exterior, including common areas they can use during warm weather. You can bring your building’s landscape to a new level by installing a fire pit, dog run or community garden that tenants and their guests can enjoy.

Metal Polishing

Details make all the difference for tenants living in a luxury apartment building. Metal finishings, including those on elevator panels, entry doors, stair rails or many other objects that tenants use daily, can become tarnished and benefit from services providing metal refinishing Manhattan NY.

Roof Inspecting

Your apartment building’s roof is vulnerable to damage from the elements, including snow, hail and wind. It is crucial to schedule several annual roof inspections to ensure the repair of minor cracks before they lead to significant problems, including interior flooding and complications from mold growth.


A periodic plumbing inspection is necessary to detect leaks and prevent floods from damaged pipes. Although a properly functioning plumbing system is critical for all buildings, those with original pipes require vigilant attention.

Property Management Technology Can Help

If you manage multiple buildings, you might want to consider using a property management app to track tenant maintenance fees, though some systems may be useful for coordinating building repairs or routine maintenance appointments.

Tenants living in luxury buildings have high standards for physical maintenance to which building managers must adhere.