Wall Fountain – Where to Begin

Wall Fountain – Where to Begin

Wall water fountains are mainly made of a rosette, a basin and a water pump. The rosette is a decorative piece where the water flows from towards the basin. The basin accumulates the water, and is also usually where the pump is set in place. The water pump’s job is to recycle the water back to the top of the rosette.

For convenience’s sake, many wall fountains come preassembled, with the basin and water pump already together. If you choose to get these parts independently, you will also have to figure out how to attach it to your pipeline, either by hiding it or integrating it to the decoration.

The greatest factor with wall water fountains is how to attach them to the wall. If it is a brick wall, you can remove some bricks to put a fountain in their place. If not, you can drill holes in the wall to place the wiring and piping in. Alternately, you can use a wall mount, but then you will have to figure out how to cover or mask the wiring and piping.

Whether you install that wall fountain by yourself, get help from a friend or engage a professional is up to you. But there are a few considerations to make your decision easier. In general, fountains made of unsubstantial materials and preassembled fountains can be assembled alone. Heavier fountains will need two or more people.

Copper fountains also make great decorative furnishings. Copper is popularly employed in piping, air conditioning and refrigeration. Copper is quite easy to solder and fabricate, and copper ions also have antibacterial properties. However, copper has such a polished luster that it also makes effective fountain decoration.

You can also choose wall fountains built of glass, fiberglass, stainless steel, etc. The water may flow through clear glass, or a mirror, multicolor slate or marble. They can also come adorned with landscapes, still life or abstract patterns. You won’t run out of choices when it comes to designs, so you’re sure to find a fountain to match your home or office space.

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