Platform Bed – The Right Bed For Your Bedroom

Platform Bed – The Right Bed For Your Bedroom

It has been said that almost a third of our lives are spent in bed. For this reason alone, in the current state of our world which is fast paced and sleep-deprived, our beds are the most vital place where can get our needed rest. However, sleeping aside, it is the other activities that we do that make our beds special; we watch television, we chat with our children, we stay up late to read a good book and so much more. For the foregoing reasons, the bed can be acknowledged as one of the most important furniture at home; hence, having the right modern bed is imperative to attain our needed repose and properly carry out the other activities mentioned above.

Equally at par with the dining table and all the major furnishings inside our homes, a modern bed must also be regarded as a principal purchase or project. But, as the dining table is more of a show piece, the bed holds a more private meaning. The bed we choose reveals more of how we encompass our innermost ideas of comfort, repose and family. It’s almost as though we are creating a private shelter that could take many different forms””from the pure and simple to the rich and highly elaborate.

Say platform beds and this is the style that most homeowners are likely to envision. In fact, this form of bed has become the most common means to put a bed together: No headboard, no foot rails, no real support or whatsoever. Notably, the more visible parts of this bed type are neither too structural nor complex. Regardless of its simplicity however, platform beds, specifically king size platform beds, are probably the most popular beds among homeowners today.

Aside from its simple structure, platform beds are very much appreciated because of their stable supports. For heavier people, a platform bed can be more secure to use because it will not collapse easily even with consistent hard use, and it has been configured to lay close to the ground, which many homeowners prefer as this design allows them to create a more aesthetically appealing sleeping space. For instance, Asian inspired rooms utilize platform beds as their centerpieces because these beds complement any furniture and interior design; as such, Japanese platform beds are very popular nowadays due to their effortless style and extreme comfort.

Japanese platform beds have the same characteristics as that of other platform beds like being close to the ground and do not require spring boxes. However, what really makes them unique is that instead of using hardwood or plywood for their frames, they use tatami mats, which are traditional straw mats used to separate people and objects from the floor. Japanese beds are also popular due to their pagoda-like finish, which is said to anchor good fortune. No wonder, many homeowners are fond of Japanese beds as they not only allow a good repose and make a room aesthetically appealing and spacious but also bring good luck.

Today, there are dozens of basic forms, hundreds of different styles and thousands of variations of beds available in the market. Whatever your modern bed looks like””austere or elaborate, it is important that you ensure that it brings together comfort, repose as well as functionality. These key characteristics will ensure that you and your family can definitely enjoy your bed the same way as you enjoy your other home furniture. At the end of it all, these three characteristics will ensure that your bed is the right place where you can sleep tightly, spend time with your family, and enjoy a good book.

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