How Do I Build a Pine Sideboard With Shelves

How Do I Build a Pine Sideboard With Shelves

Along with home interior d?�cor, storage is another big issue which needs to be handled regardless the size of home. You can clutter a big house by throwing away things and make it look like a small place. So organization of home items is very important part of d?�cor. For this purpose, you can easily build a pine plywood sideboard which can provide enough space to store items in any room of the house. To start with it, mark the bottom and top partitions and sides. Place the two A�-inch by 54-by-18 inch panels that are glued, on the worktable. From one 18 inch side, measure and mark the points at A�, 18 A�, 17 A�, 35 A�, 36 A� and 53 A� inches.

Now install the shelf tracks which are adjustable. Lay two flat glued panels on the table. The adjustable shelf tracks could be secured 1 inch from long sides and 10 inches from the 18 inch sides. To make the adjustable track face down, turn the partitions over. To make drawer compartments, draw lines and lay the remaining flat panels on worktable. Make marks and partitions on these two pieces for assembling the compartment parts of drawers.

Add the bottom and top and place glue between lines drawn on bottom and top of the sideboard. Apply the glue on the sideboards and back in order to secure the back. Similarly secure the drawers by nailing them between the top and bottom drawer compartment assemblies. Now build the drawers in order to fit them into drawer compartment assemblies. Use Baltic birch plywood to make drawers and again flue them and secure them with nails between the top, bottom and sides of the shelf.

You can use this shelf in any of your room to store the items. The size could vary as per your requirement in order to make the best use of the shelf in your home.

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