Tips to Pick the Best Colors for Your Home

Tips to Pick the Best Colors for Your Home

Painting your house is a makeover for your home and should be done at least once in your lifetime. It not only gives your house a new look, but also adds positive energy, giving out great vibes. However, all this is only possible when you know how to pick the best colors that suit the interior as well as the exterior of the home. With the unlimited color options, such as hot pink, pepper grass, cadmium yellow, it is ironically impossible to choose. Picking colors without prior knowledge would not give you a good result and will require you to hire a professional painter. Consider the following guidelines while picking up colors.

1). Choosing the Kind of Paint

Before you set out to choose the color, it is the kind of paint that you should first focus on. There are water based paints (which are low cost and may come off easily), oil based paints (which are a little expensive but durable and dirt can be cleaned off easily) and the glossy finish paints (usually the shining paint that is used for doors). However, if you still experience any difficulty choosing the right kind of paint then you must approach for professional painters. Leesburg residents avoid using glossy paints for the walls as that would give a completely weird look; they reserve that just for the doors. For the walls, it is advised that you always use oil based paints as you can easily clean off dirt particles without having to put in much effort.

2). Type of Color

The next task is choosing the color. If the room is generally airy and spacious then you can take on a bold, dark color, however, if it’s already dark and small, then a white shade or a light cream shade would make it look absolutely wonderful. You can choose different colors for the different parts of the house. Whatever you choose, make sure that stains can be removed easily and that the walls will continue to look fresh even after years and years of use.

4). Knowing your Interior

Before you pick a color for your room it is important to get familiar with your interior. This will include having a close look on the color of the curtains, flooring and carpet. Remember here that light penetration in the room, the space available and the furniture present are main elements that you should take into consideration. Besides this you can try to have a color theme for your house. This wouldn’t require you to paint your house with one color rather you will just need to harmonize the colors of a room with its adjourning rooms.

3). Exterior Paints

While painting the exterior, a number of factors are kept in mind. The weather, the environmental temperature and moisture would determine the kind of paint and color to be used. With exterior painting, also make sure that the color is warm and welcoming and not bold and hurtful to the eyes.

If you cannot handle all these decisions by yourself, then you should take help from professional painters. You will find a number of experienced painters at their disposal who are offering these services at optimal costs. You can easily locate local painters in every city through the internet. Keeping in view these points you will be able to choose colors for your home that will give it a new feel and an enticing look. Once you are done picking the right colors for your house, all you have to do is stand back and admire the fabulous color scheme.