Great Aroma Ideas For Around the Home

Great Aroma Ideas For Around the Home

A happy home is one that smells great. Using powders in the carpet and neat gadgets that plug into the wall are all great and everything. But, I have some other ideas that I use to bring happiness to my home.

Using aroma oils, you can have your home smelling virtually like anything. They come in such scents as Wisconsin Pine and Fresh Linen. If you want your home to smell like coffee, gingerbread or lavender, the heated oils will waft throughout your home and welcome your company.

But, heating aroma oils doesn’t necessarily have to wait until each time you fire up the ventless gel fireplace. I have ideas that you will want to literally try all day long. All you have to do is use your imagination and you’ll come up with some ideas of your own.

Sometimes when I want the smell of Cabernet Wine intoxicating my home, I throw the oven on high. Then, I put a few drops of oil into a ceramic bowl filled with water. Place the bowl on the breather burner and viola. It’s a cost effective way to make my home smell wonderful without firing up the fireplace.

If you don’t have an oven with a breather burner, you could of course just place the bowl on one of the burners and set it on a low setting. That way, your water still heats and you still don’t have to fire up the fireplace. But, you want to set the burner on low because you don’t want to damage your bowl or have the water evaporate too fast.

If you have radiators around your home, they provide another heat source during the winter that you can use to heat the aroma oils. Set a ceramic bowl filled with water on top of the radiator and put a few drops of oil in the water. Then, go about enjoying the rest of your day. In only a few short minutes, the scent will fill your home with Smokey Campfire or Cedarwood. Anything you want.

There is a little known technique that works great and doesn’t require a heat source other than the sun itself. There are two ways of doing it, but you definitely need a sunny day to make it work. Place a bowl of water with a few drops of aroma oil anywhere around your home where sunlight is burning through the windows. Place the bowl on a stand, a table or the window sill as long as the sun coming through the windows is heating that area. It works great.

But, you can also place a few drops on the window itself. If the sun is beating through a window on one side of the house, that’s the perfect place. Put a few drops on your finger and wipe it on an area of the side of the window where the sun is hitting the best. Make sure you pull the curtains back or pull up the blinds. The aroma makes its way around the home better when it’s not trapped.

You’ll love the aroma and so will your company. Make sure you give the aroma enough time to fill your home if you’re having company and they’ll walk right into it enjoying every step of the way. But if you’re just doing it on a regular day so that you can better enjoy your home yourself, finding cost effective solutions is better than firing up the fireplace just to make your home smell nice.

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