Selecting A Professional Interior Decorator

Selecting A Professional Interior Decorator

How you decorate your home can be very important to your emotional well-being. Your surroundings provide a daily reflection to who you are and how you choose to live. A well-planned interior d?�cor may add to your sense of well-being as well as be impressive to visitors.

The ability to design and execute great interior d?�cor requires an individual with skills and experience to do the work. Since interior decorating is not a regulated or licensed profession, the consumer must take care to not just take the first person claiming that they can provide the service you want.

Selecting the best interior decorator to meet your needs means that you need to know what qualifications and styles a decorator tends to work with. Select and interview at least several decorators. Look for someone with experience, particularly in the type of home or office you want decorated. If you are interviewing a professional from a firm with multiple designers, ask to see their personal portfolio, not a general portfolio by the firm. You do not want to choose a decorator who does not have the personal experience necessary to handle your design. The decorator absolutely must be able to understand your requests and be able to incorporate your wishes, including budgetary considerations, into the design.

Selecting just the right decorator may not be an easy task. Take your time to find a decorator that you feel comfortable and confident in working with, and have patience as you work through the process. Remember that you want the space to be a dream, not a nightmare.

Of course, one of the best methods to find a good interior decorator is to ask for recommendations from friends you trust. With luck, you may know of someone who is pleased with a recent interior decoration project that they had done. Even if one of your immediate friends has not had a project done, they may know someone else who has.

In either case, you may be able to see the redecorated space, which is the best way to experience the work a designer has done. If you are unable to see the actual work a designer has done, consider going to a few design centers and ask for recommendations from them. If a particular name repeatedly is mentioned by multiple centers, then it is likely the designer has the experience to handle your decoration project.

Another source to locate designers is through the Internet. Not only can you find interior decorators through the Internet, you will be able to see photographs of the work they have done. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

When you interview candidates for your interior decoration project, ask them about their preferred styles, how they handle budget concerns, their work style and anything else that you find important. Remember that you are the client and it is your money that will be used both for the design services as well as to purchase furniture and accessories to bring the design to reality.

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