Smart Ways To Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Being a homeowner means lots of monthly expenses, such as trash pick up, gas service, and electricity. Heating and cooling your home is one of those things that can really rachet up your electricity bill. The following items can help you to save money on your overall utility bill.  

New HVAC Unit 

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, and these are the units involved in heating and cooling your home. Instaling a new HVAC unit is the first place to start when talking about saving money on your heating and cooling costs. Older units can run anywhere between 65-75% efficiency, whereas newer units that are installed according to code run at 85-95% efficiency. 

Foam Insulation

Another thing to look into when trying to reduce your heating and cooling costs is the installation of foam insulation in Pittsburgh PA. Foam insulation is blown into areas that do not have insulation like attics or basement walls. It is actually a relatively inexpensive and quick solution to lowering your electric bill, as it helps to keep the air inside your home instead of the air being filtered out through uninsulated areas. 

Automatic Thermostat

There are many options for automatic thermostats on the market today, and the installation of one will start saving you money right away. Setting your thermometer to run only at times that you are in the house is a smart move, as it keeps the AC or heat from running unnecessarily. There are also smart systems out there that can learn your patterns: when you like it to be hot and cold, when you are away, and when you are not moving about your home, making setting your thermometer a piece of cake! 

These three home updates will start you on the path toward saving money on your electricity bill. So what are you waiting for?