The Dos and Don’ts of Home Design

The Dos and Don’ts of Home Design

Are you planning to decorate your home? Are you hesitant to start your task due lack of knowledge and ideas on how to do the task right? If so, read this article and consider the tips and suggestions on home decoration.

Did you know that home interior decoration is the most challenging and worthwhile task you can have at home? It cannot be denied that it is everybody’s dream to have a home which stands out from other individual’s home but young and inexperienced homeowners feel intimidated when asked to decorate their homes, especially without proper guidance from experts. To avoid waste of time, money and effort, one should plan and prepare everything before you start your task. To gain design ideas and to keep abreast with the latest trend in home interior designing and decoration, you can always surf the Internet and read home interior decoration magazines. There are endless choices available for you, make sure to select one which suits your requirements and needs best.

Before you begin your task, you have to follow the do’s and don’ts in home interior decoration and designing. Whatever design or style you choose be sure that it is a reflection of your style and personality. You should also consider several elements like comfort, beauty, style and functionality. If you can afford to hire a professional home interior designer, then hire one because they are well versed in home interior decorating and they know the ins and outs of home design.

Simple do’s and don’ts in home decoration:

Do identify and know what style you want for a specific area of your home like bedroom, living room, kitchen, patio or bathroom. Do you want to have a contemporary style? Do you want to have a traditional style?

Do combine mix and old furniture fixtures and accessories. You can mix and match old and new items like lights, rugs and furniture pieces. You can combine or match a wrought iron bed with your silk draperies.

Do choose your style or design, be sure to create one or more focal points in the area. This space is considered the focal point in the room.

Do combine and use artworks and furnishings which are compatible with each other. Make sure to hang a large frame on a large wall and smaller pieces should be grouped together and hang in smaller area.

Do create unity by utilizing the same type of flooring throughout your home.

Do mix function and style.

Do harmonize by using the same shades of color. When you have a dark toned wooden table, be sure to select chairs with similar hues.

Don’t forget to choose and include lighting in your task. Be sure to select the right lighting fixtures because it can accentuate artwork and creates mood.

Don’t use conflicting colors. If you have traditional classical ambiance, select accessories and furnishings that never go out of style.

Don’t use bold colors if you want to have a serene aura. Make sure to keep your palette neutral.

By following the tips and suggestions mentioned beforehand, you can decorate or have the design of your choice.