3 Tips for a Functional and Beautiful Garden

Enthusiastic gardeners like to make plans for their garden spaces to maximize their use and full enjoyment of the space. For these reasons, you will want to think about three critical areas in your garden where, with the proper attention and foresight, you can ensure that they will help you create the garden you always wanted.

Plan For Hardscape Updates

Although many beginning gardeners want to jump right into their garden by shopping for plants, experienced horticulturalists know that working on the garden hardscape first pays big dividends before bringing the plants in. For example, consider adding hydrapressed concrete pavers to your walkways or other paving materials. Afterward, every time you step out into your garden, you will thank yourself for adding path surfaces that add beauty and functionality in a variety of weather conditions. You could also add terraces and other hardscape garden beds. These hardscape pieces provide the backbones for your garden so that the soft-structure plants have hard surfaces for contrast, making the plants look even better. Hardscape provides functionality by keeping the dirt in your flower beds and off the pathways, giving the entire space a tidier appearance.

Consider Your Climate

Once you have added any new hardscape, you can move on to plant choices and how the climate affects them. Agricultural colleges typically list plants suited for sun and shade, as well as hot and cold temperature extremes, suitable for your locale. This knowledge will assist you as you shop for plants that will thrive in your garden.

Choose A Winning Color Palette

Gardeners crave choosing plants for their outdoor living spaces. You might select plants that contrast in color to bring excitement and vibrancy to the garden. Another option calls for analogous-colored plants. These colors reside by each other on the color wheel in art, and plants chosen for analogous colors bring harmony and a restful feeling to your outdoor sanctuary.

Your garden will exude beauty and charm by following these three tips because it reflects your unique style while honoring location requirements.