3 Toxins That May Be In Your Home

Some dangers are easy to detect. A break-in usually comes with broken windows or locks and a fire has heat and smoke. Unfortunately, not all threats are so obvious.

When it comes to poisoning and contamination, you may not even realize there’s a problem until you’re terminally ill. Here are three common dangers that may be lurking in your home without you knowing it.


Radon is radioactive gas caused by uranium breakdown in the soil. This doesn’t mean you only have to worry about radon if you live near a nuclear power plant—decomposing uranium is practically everywhere.

Radon inhalation is linked to lung cancer. It most commonly leaks into the air of basements but has been found in well water. As it is odorless and colorless air and water testing Weston CT is the only way to detect it.


While considered an exotic tool of fictional murderers and scoundrels, arsenic is a naturally occurring mineral that, like radon and uranium, can be found pretty much anywhere.

It frequently shows up in well water, which is why it is important to get new wells tested before you start drinking from them. The concentration may not be enough to cause immediate harm, but continuous exposure has been linked to skin and bladder cancers.


The use of this material in construction was once rather prevalent as it’s resistant to fire and insulates fairly well. However, in recent decades it has been revealed to pose a significant risk of causing conditions such as lung cancer and asbestosis. If you own an older residence, your property must be inspected to ensure all older insulation, pipes and fixtures that use asbestos are replaced with newer—and safer—alternatives.

Don’t lose sleep wondering if danger is right above your head in your attic, or under your feet in the basement. Take control of your health and safety by staying up to date with regulations and testing.