Three Simple Ways to Cobat Odor in Your Home

Is your home suffering from a lingering stench or musty smell, even after a good cleaning? Unpleasant smells should never be neglected, especially in your home, as they’re often the sign of a potential problem. Have a professional check for issues like mold, pest infestation or structural damage to rule out serious concerns. Then, take action to keep your house feeling and smelling fresh every day.

Deep Clean Your Home’s Soft Surfaces

Schedule a carpet and upholstery cleaning tallahassee fl to give your home’s soft surfaces a much-needed reboot. Fabrics and fibers can lock all kinds of odors deep below the surface, from pet hair and dander to fine particles of dirt and debris. Removing these culprits can eliminate those smells at the source, giving your home a fresh, clean scent.

Control Moisture and Humidity

Nothing can start a foul stench faster than unwanted moisture in your home. Make sure your bathrooms and kitchen have proper ventilation, plenty of natural sunlight and are cleaned often. Mop up spills promptly and allow fabrics to dry thoroughly, including towels, dishrags and curtains. Be sure to address your basement as well, and use a dehumidifier to control moisture in this often dark, dank space. Allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home on a regular basis can also help reduce humidity.

Utilize More Effective Air Fresheners

Sprays, candles and scented oils can add a pleasant fragrance to the air. However, these items only mask odors rather than actually eliminating them. Try products that contain products like baking soda or activated charcoal, which work by absorbing odor causing moisture and particles. For an air freshening option that can also add beauty to your home, consider starting a houseplant collection. With the right amount and combination, certain plants can also help clean the air of your home.

If you’re dealing with unwanted odors in your home, take action today! A few simple steps could make a big difference and improve the longevity of your home and its contents.