What is Fitted Bedroom Furniture?

What is Fitted Bedroom Furniture?

Fitted bedroom furniture is designed to get optimal results from available space. You will often see cabinets aligned across the walls from the ceilings down to the floor. Beds will have under dressers. Like fitted bedroom furniture the Asian furnishing is known for simplistic designs and spacious living areas. Both styles are unique and have made there place in society. I will explain more.

Fitted bedroom furniture has three designs they are; full carcass. Front frame and fitted slider. The full carcass parts include top bottom, two sides and a backing. This design runs from ceiling to floor.

The next fitted bedroom furniture design is the front frame. It consists of a base without side and back panels. It runs ceiling to floor and wall to wall. The last is fitted sliders. It’s designed like the carcass except it doesn’t have a back panel. It goes ceiling to floor from wall to wall with sliding doors.

Asian bedroom furniture is known for simple styles and spacious living area. You can purchase this beautiful oriental de

cor on the web. To continue the theme you should know about accessories and why they are used.

The Chinese decorate with symbols that bring health happiness, luck and energy. Buddha and Quan Yin are two. They bring chi power to your home. The Chinese favor bronze and jade, but you purchase them in different stones.

Another is the Chinese dragon it brings chi power and keeps evil spirits away. Money toads are created with jade or agate they represent fortune and good luck through hard work and intelligence. They bring riches and prosperity into your home. Crystal globe brings a healthier mind and body, often used to cure. When the sunlight hits the globe color beams are produced. This activates chi energy and stops illness.

The Japanese focus on space. Often you will find the room separated by shoji screens. This gives room’s different shape and purpose. These screens are made of rice paper usually decorated with lively colors and symbols.

The Japanese use lanterns to decorate. The shape of the lanterns resembles strength and substance. It is made from either rice paper or silk which allows large amounts of light to shine through and display the image on the lantern. They are a great touch to add to Asian bedroom furniture.

Fitted bedroom furniture optimizes space and is a great way to organize. Asian bedroom furniture is breath taking. By adding statues, screens or lanterns you too can have a beautiful oriental theme.