Where Does Pine Bedroom Furniture Come From?

Where Does Pine Bedroom Furniture Come From?

Pine first began around the 17th century in Europe. Pine bedroom furniture was made for people who didn’t have a lot of money to spend on home furnishing. Its popularity spread throughout Europe during the 18th and 19th century. By the 19th century pine was the wood of choice, used for varies pieces. You can still find pine wood used for styles of furniture today. Purchasing pine furniture can be expensive unless you know where and what type of furniture to buy. I will explain.

Pine bedroom furniture was first noted in the 17th century, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that Woodworkers introduced stained pine furniture. This gave the furniture an appealing look which increased its attractiveness.

Furniture makers began painting the wood, and creating different designs on the furniture. This increased its popularity in the upper class families. Soon making pine furniture became a hobby. This is how it received its name as workman’s wood.

Pine is a sturdy wood that will last a very long time. Unfortunately it can also be expensive. You can purchase cheap bedroom furniture made with veneer that isn’t as expensive and you will still have the pine look.

If plywood veneer isn’t an option there are several places to look they are local furniture store, rental companies, warehouses and on line. Local furniture stores often have clearance sales for discontinued items. They and the rental companies sometimes have damaged pine furniture that they will sell for less. If you offer to pay in cash your discounts will increase as well

Warehouses can offer great deals on cheap bedroom furniture because their product comes from the factory, which cuts out the middle man. Check the local newspaper and TV commercials for their advertisements

Of course we cannot forget the web. Web searches will produces thousands of companies from all around the world selling pine bedroom furniture. Their advertisements claim to offer you huge discounts and free shipping within days after purchasing cheap furniture. While exploring the web check the online auctions.

Pine bedroom furniture first began in 17th century Europe, spreading throughout the world by the 19th century. Because of its reputation and durability it continues to be used today. Although pine furniture can be expensive there are places where you can find cheap bedroom furniture. Before purchasing from the web check company reputation, feed back and return policies.

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