Why Boo Bamboo? How Bamboo Can Improve Your Home

Why Boo Bamboo? How Bamboo Can Improve Your Home

Furniture in most western homes are made either from wood or heavy industrial material. Hardwoods and steel are major choices. Oftentimes, the final design of the pieces is incorporated with thin lines to express an air of lightness. Hence, they can be made to look relaxing, even if their original components are usually related to industry.

In contrast, bamboo furnishings were initially regarded as novelty items. For one, bamboo does not grow well in countries with temperate climates, which includes the United States and Europe. Thus, westerners regard it as such due to the fact that they don’t see it as often as their conventional counterparts. With the rise of globalization, cultural barriers are now slowly eroding. What were once trivial are now more widely accorded almost-similar degrees of recognition.

Bamboos have an innate aura of lightness in them, aside from the fact that it’s literally lightweight. This is perfect for a homeowner who wants to make his or her home have a more natural feel – unimpeded and free. Furthermore, this type of furniture mixes well with both minimalist and green movements, whose collective rise is attributed to increased global awareness of environmental issues.

Moreover, bamboo grows at a much faster rate than hardwood – a typical bamboo species grows to its full height in just 3-5 years. Meanwhile, hardwoods take decades, or even centuries, to mature. Corollarily, this allows bamboo-derived furniture to be sold at much lower prices. Well, how about metal furniture then? Don’t even get me started. In short, using bamboo is not only more economical but also more environment-friendly.

A lot of people still have misgivings about using bamboo. They doubt its durability since the interior is mostly empty space and that it is technically a species of grass. However, with proper treatment processes, the bamboo can even outlive its wooden and metallic cousins. Take for example the Bamboo Organ in Las Pinas City, Philippines. The material for constructing it was buried in beach sand for 3 years, letting it soak in seawater to kill off microorganisms, and it still works perfectly – even after centuries of use! Now compare that to the piano that the neighbor once had.

Bamboo furniture has much potential. It is more cost-effective, durable yet just as stylish as any other kind of furniture. So, why boo bamboo?

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