Winter Weather Safety for Commercial Property Managers

Winter storms can present a lot of challenges for commercial property managers and make maintaining the premises considerably more stressful. Some advance preparation and forming a solid game plan about what needs to happen when the forecast calls for some trouble heading your way can help assure that you’ll be able to do everything that you need to do to keep the premises safe without having to stress out or scramble. Here are some important tips for keeping a commercial property safe and open for business during winter storms.

Create Policies for Melting Ice and Clearing Snow

Your staff or contractors need to be very clear about your expectations regarding snow and ice removal. If your own staff will be handling removal, be certain that you have enough ice melt and each team member is aware of who is responsible for keeping the premises clear after a storm.

Know Your Roof’s Limits

In regions where heavy snowfall is a regular occurrence, commercial property managers need to be aware of the maximum amount that a roof can withstand. It’s not reasonable to assume that a roof can handle an indefinite amount of snow before sustaining damage, leaking, or collapsing entirely. Get some professional help with a roof snow load measurement that can help you calculate and monitor your building’s snow load. Overlooking this important winter safety step could result in catastrophic injury or damage that could make your building completely unfit for use for months or longer.

Review Your Insurance Policy and Address any Gaps

Most commercial property insurance policies will include some type of damage caused by storms, but many include exceptions for damage caused by a lead. Technically, damage to a building caused by melted snow could be treated as a leak. Speak with your agent or carrier to be sure that you understand your policy’s coverage applications and what you can do to resolve deficiencies.