4 Beautiful Ways to Design Your Fresh Flowers

4 Beautiful Ways to Design Your Fresh Flowers

So you just went and bought a gorgeous set of flowers that you want to put up in your house. But you haven’t figured out what to do with them, or come up with any great ideas for home decorating. You really want to do something cute with them, but all you can think of is to dump them in that vase on the table. Don’t worry; you’re not alone! We’ve all been there at one point or another, starved for inspiration. That’s where these 4 great ideas for home decorating come in to add some flare to your decorations.

One. First you’ll need to clean out the vase or container you want to use. Then take your fresh greens and cut off the ends to your desired length. Then when you finish with that, crisscross all the stems until they sit all around the inside of the vase. This will give the arrangement a nice base. Also, it makes it easier to place the flowers when you cross the stems in this fashion.

Two. Now if you want to make a small arrangement of flowers, set them up so their stems crisscross all around the inside of the vase or container. If you’re looking at it from above, the flowers should be in the shape of a circle around the container, and there should be stems crossing in the middle. Remember that the stems keep the flowers still. So the more stems you have on the inside, the simpler it will be to keep everything in place. Now on top of that you will have a beautiful circular arrangement every time you add more flowers, and the rows will get higher and higher.

Three. Next is something you’re going to want to keep in mind when you’re trying to put together ideas for home decorating. When you’re making flower arrangements, always use an odd number of flowers. For example, odd numbers like five or seven. If you make an arrangement with an even number of flowers, the result can come off looking unnatural and contrived. So if you’re using nine flowers, for example, a great way to style them would be to put five of the flowers together at the bottom of the container, touching at varying lengths. After that you would spread about the other four flowers on top of the bottom five, thus giving the arrangement more height.

Four. A mistake I often see made in arrangement design are flowers placed perfectly even in the container. This isn’t good because the idea is to make your arrangements as they would appear in nature. If you’ve ever taken a look at a magnificent garden trying to get some garden planting ideas, you’ll notice that some of the flowers are closed in, some stick out, and some you don’t even see but they all still add to the gorgeous view. If you can be a little sporadic instead of exact with your arrangements, all of your ideas for home decorating should come out looking more like nature. Which is what we’re trying to get closer to anyway right?

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