Do it Yourself Modern Style Bed Frame

Do it Yourself Modern Style Bed Frame

Perhaps you’re tired of the rickety metal frame of your bed and you have no laid funds to buy an expensive new frame. If you want to have a modern style bed without spending too much, you can opt to custom build your own frame at home. All you need are the tools, time and patience to accomplish this project. Whether you want something basic or perhaps with stylish drawers, you can definitely make your own frame at the comfort of your home.

To achieve a modern style bed with drawers you would need the following materials: plenty of high quality wood, bed rail hangers or lag bolts, screws, wood glue and veneered plywood. Measure your mattress and add an inch and a half to your base board’s measurement to provide the right space for your drawers. Begin making boxes using four pieces of wood for per box and an additional wood piece for the bottom part of your drawers. The two side pieces should be longer than the wood pieces that would be used for the front and back of the drawers. Attach the pieces together using wood glue or screws for sturdier finish.

Once you’re done with your drawers, create the base of your bed frame where the drawers would be positioned using four pieces of quality wood and an additional wood slab that would go across the middle of the frame. Make sure that the wood pieces of your frame are higher than your drawers. To achieve more space under your bed you can use bed risers. Attach the four pieces of wood together at the end of each piece using bed rail hangers or lag bolts; then, secure the additional wood horizontally at the middle of the frame, consider this as the support beam of your bed.

Create smaller cross sections of wood pieces that are half the size of your main bed frame. These wood slabs would be lined vertically across the inside of your main frame; they will support your drawers along with your mattress. Secure the long wooden slab parallel to your support beam. Then, glue or screw the small pieces of wood across the center wood.

Secure the tracks of your drawers at the cross section of your bed frame. Connect the runners to your drawers, and then insert your drawers to their designated position for testing. After test fitting your drawers, remove them for a while and place the veneered plywood that will support your drawers and mattress. Once you secured your veneered plywood in place, you can paint or decorate your frame including your drawers.

If your paint has already dried out, you can insert the drawers back to their positions and put the mattress on the baseboard. You can now enjoy customized bed with drawers. This project may take some time and effort. However, once you’re done building your frame, all the time and effort you spent would surely pay off.

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