Garden Ideas on a Budget

Garden Ideas on a Budget

Gardening ideas on a budget can be done if you use your resources wisely. In order to create some gardening ideas on a budget, begin planning how you want your garden to look, and plan how you can create a nice little place using a low budget.

The first thing to do when thinking of gardening ideas on a budget is what you can use around your home that would be good for a garden.

Look around at old house ware items that you may have sitting around. Jars, bowls, buckets, cups and mugs are just a few items you may have around your home that you can use to grow smaller plants or herbs and such in.

Bowls can be used for hanging baskets or planters. Turn them upside down and twist wire around them to hold them up. You can grow ivy or other plants in these.

There have to be many household items you can use for planting. Look around and see what is there, its free!

Utilizing the internet to do some searches on free items may find you a lot more ideas then you ever imagined when looking for gardening ideas on a budget.

There are always free offers out there for mulch, brick, stone, and other things. Most will give them away if you are willing to come and get them, why not? Again it’s free and when gardening on a tight budget, what beats free?

You can separate a garden into different areas with free bricks or rocks. Planting some flowers in one section and maybe veggies or herbs in another section makes for a nice, small and affordable garden.

Another way enjoy gardening on a budget is by building some of your own gardening materials such as a trellis. With some post diggers, some gravel, concrete, stakes and lattice you can do this fairly inexpensively.

Some ivy would be lovely growing on a trellis like this. Maybe a friend or relative has an ivy plant that you can pick a piece off of and start to grow and then use this for the trellis.

Using a big whiskey barrel and cutting it in half makes a gorgeous planter for the front or back porch. It can mark a pathway, driveway, or sit out next to a deck or pool. Fill it with some soil and some cheap flowers such as pansies or violets and watch how pretty they can be and grow.

In the winter months when plants are not growing, you can fill the barrel with some lovely greens, or decorate with pine cones and other items for winter months.